Thassos Daily Cruises


Daily Cruises: Escape with us!

Enjoy the crystal clear waters in the emerald sea of Thassos. 
Discover hidden sea caves, see the famous natural pool Giola, visit the cosmopolitan Aliki or the isolated  tranquillity of Salonikios and Arsanas beach. 
Admire spectacular coastal scenery as you cruise past places like Panagia island ,Kefalas cape and the Archangel Monastery cliffs. 
Enjoy your breakfast with amazing views, try your luck  in fishing , feast upon a delicious lunch of traditional greek cousine, wine and music  (all included in your ticket price).
Have fun, relax and make the most of your holidays!

Standard Cruise: Departure 9:00, Arrival 16:00. Limenaria Port

Mini Cruise: Departure 10:00, Arrival 14:00. Limenaria Port

In case of bad weather conditions and always for your own safety the trip can be changed to an alternative destination.

*Due to limited availability, we will confirm your reservation once we've checked the dates.

Private Cruises: Celebrate with us!

Private & Customised tours. Share with your friends and loved ones your special moments and offer them a unique experience with a mini-cruise!

Please contact us for further information

Destinations: Sail away and live the dream!

Giola is a unique geological formation, a natural swimming pool carved into the rocks where you can play jumping into water from different levels.
Take impressive photos of the Archangel Michael Monastery, built on a white marble cliff, above the secret little beach of Arsanas with a sweet water spring.
Aliki, the beautiful peninsula where you can admire the 7th century B.C. temple next to the beach! Take photos at the magnificent quarry of the famous white marble used for building temples all around the ancient civilizations.
Panagia island is part of the European network of protected areas "Natura", in this rich bird habitat you have the unique oportunity to watch colonies of different species of sea birds.

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